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Ken Phelan, CTO
Citrix is a worldwide leader in mobile, virtualization, networking and cloud services. But when it comes to deploying Citrix-based solutions, many companies are hesitant. “Two key factors are responsible for this,” says Ken Phelan, CTO of Gotham Technology Group. “The first is the sheer complexity of the Citrix solution, and the second is integrating the many components of a viable Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, offering. These issues have kept many potential clients from deploying Citrix solutions.” Gotham addresses these challenges by simplifying the process of building and deploying applications and negating security threats against the network through their various offerings.

User satisfaction is a key component of any successful technology solution, and that often boils down to the applications. “Our knowledge of applications is a key element of our success,” says Phelan. Like many integrators, Gotham boasts a bench of Citrix-certified engineers. What sets Gotham’s engineers apart is their extensive real-world experience. Having deployed Citrix-based solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, and then led them through numerous subsequent upgrades and expansions of the Citrix offerings, Gotham has successfully deployed many thousands of applications. This experience then informs subsequent engagements.

Gotham does almost half of its business as a security integrator. “Offering solutions with a security component has become one of our unique strengths,” says Phelan. With a significant amount of work around perimeter penetration, Gotham’s ability to blend its security expertise and Citrix knowledge has given them a good position in the market place.

Much of the firm’s success can be attributed to its methodology, which is built around guiding clients through the Citrix framework. “We hand-hold our clients and provide guidance from the concept level to delivering the technology used in the network,” says Phelan.

Gotham begins technology engagements with a thorough analysis of clients’ requirements to ensure that proposed solutions improve the clients’ infrastructure; enhance user experience; and support long and short-term business and technology goals.

We believe that robust and cost-effective offerings are only possible when thinking from the client’s perspective

“A primary objective on every project is to maximize the value of our clients’ infrastructure investments,” says Phelan. “We want to deploy solutions that give our clients true ROI.” One such example is helping clients to transition from a work-from-office model to a mobile workforce, enhancing productivity while simultaneously reducing network and real-estate costs.

Gotham’s solutions are also widely used in the healthcare industry, where mobility often means the ability to move throughout a facility without continually logging in and out of systems. Hospitals and other medical facilities must meet stringent requirements when handling patient healthcare records. Deploying solutions that meet these requirements demands a level of integration and security that few integrators can provide. With the implementation of Gotham’s Citrix-based solutions, medical professionals have easier access to data and spend less time on data entry. “The solutions we’ve implemented provide the simplest methods to both retrieve and enter patient data without compromising on security or confidentiality,” adds Phelan.

The nature of the solutions offered by Gotham reflects the strategies that the firm employs. “We believe that robust and cost-effective offerings are only possible when thinking from the client’s perspective,” notes Phelan, and adds “Having considerable experience under our belt adds to the firm’s credibility.”

Based in Montvale, NJ, with offices in Shelton, Conn., New York City, and Philadelphia, Gotham is currently involved in numerous projects both in the U.S. and around the globe. “We plan on taking our company much further, by continually improving and expanding on our current set of offerings, and taking on and completing projects on a larger scale,” concludes Phelan.

Gotham Technology Group, LLC

Montvale, NJ

Ken Phelan, CTO

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