Aternity: Ensuring Workforce Productivity for Any App on Any Device

Trevor Matz, President & CEO
Today's enterprises are leaving no stone unturned to improve workforce productivity. Enterprises are rolling out mobile workspaces, such as Citrix Workspace Suite, to provide their workforce anytime, anyplace access to the full range of applications they require to conduct business on their smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Providing a one-stop shop for secure provisioning and management of any Windows, web, SaaS, or mobile app is a necessary first step for improving productivity for both the workforce and IT. To complete the vision, enterprises must move beyond access and control to actually measuring and improving the end user experience of their workforce as they conduct business on their devices, whether mobile, physical, or virtual. Headquartered in Westborough, MA, Aternity monitors any application on any physical, virtual, or mobile device, providing a user-centric vantage point that closes the visibility gap existing with network and server-centric application performance management tools.

“Aternity and Citrix share a common vision of next-generation end user computing – radically improving the productivity of the tech-dependent workforce, no matter where they are located, and regardless of the devices or applications they are using to do their job,” says Trevor Matz, President and CEO, Aternity.

Aternity Workforce APM focuses from the perspective of the end user's experience to enable the enterprise to measure, manage, and improve workforce productivity, across the full enterprise app portfolio, whether Windows, web, mobile, or SaaS. Unlike other mobile APM vendors which focus primarily on consumer mobile apps, Aternity Mobile APM addresses a full range of use cases for developers of both consumer and workforce mobile apps, IT Ops who support them, and the lines of business that rely on them to grow and transform their business.

Citrix XenMobile provides a portfolio of enterprise grade productivity apps and a broad set of capabilities. Aternity Mobile APM, verified Citrix Ready for XenMobile, empowers enterprises to take the next step to mobile success by measuring, managing, and improving mobile workforce productivity for any Citrix Worx App available for enterprise distribution.
“Enterprises making a strategic bet on mobile to drive up customer satisfaction and workforce productivity recognize that they must do more than ensure their apps earn a five star rating. They must also arm their IT Ops and line of business teams with the analytics necessary to guarantee a quality user experience and to measure the impact of mobile on their business goals,” states Matz.

Verified Citrix Ready for Citrix XenDesktop, and XenApp, Aternity Workforce APM helps enterprises fulfill the vision of the Citrix Workspace Suite. For example, the Point of Sale (POS) application used by the customer care agents of a global retailer runs on a Citrix virtualized environment. Months before the holiday shopping period, slow response in the POS application was causing long phone wait times, delays in responding to customer inquiries and excessive customer care agent staffing. IT was unable to isolate the cause of the problem using traditional APM and device monitoring tools, but with Aternity, identified the data mart as the source of the problem. After the problem was fixed, customer care agents were able to serve customers 38 percent faster, a notable improvement, especially with the ten-fold increase in holiday shopping traffic around the corner.

“Enterprises that leverage Aternity benefit from a unique vantage point into End User Experience, providing them with visibility into four key Virtual Desktop blind spots: Application Execution Time, Host Resource Availability, Infrastructure Latency and Client-side Latency, says Matz. By equipping enterprises with comprehensive visibility into application performance as experienced by their end users, Aternity is empowering enterprises and their Service Providers with the insight and confidence required to successfully deliver on their XenDesktop and XenApp projects.”

Aternity solutions are used by Global 2000 companies in virtually every vertical market including Financial Services, Oil&Gas, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Telco, Retail and Legal.


Westborough, MA

Trevor Matz, President & CEO

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