IGEL Technology: German Engineering Ensuring Secure Mobile and Reliable Thin Client Technology

Adam J. Brush, GM/VP of Sales & Alliances - North America
Organizations are currently witnessing the increasing trend of collaborating, communicating and remote networking. With the arrival of cutting-edge solution for workforce mobility such as Citrix, there are challenges within organizations to support methods of delivering desktop application virtually from the data center. These hindrances are addressed by IGEL Technology, a German company with a worldwide presence. IGEL brands its solution “universal’’ and the methods implemented by the company will support delivering desktop applications virtually from a single vendor such as Citrix.

IGEL believes that organizations need to focus on data protection and thus applied service security model to all designs of their thin client which is an engineered technology that enabled customers to have an immediate access to any virtualized desktop. Besides directing these challenges, IGEL also offers customers firmware update every 10-13 weeks at no extra cost. “We also focus heavily on customer support right from our experienced field engineering team to our post sales tech support,’’ says Adam J. Brush, GM/VP of Sales & Alliances, IGEL Technology. On the subject of universal desktop concept, IGEL employed an agile and secure technology firmware to move between survey infrastructures without causing the customers to reinvest in new devices.

The company further emphasizes on partnering with Citrix to improve technology efficiency for its customers. IGEL continues to support all aspects of the technology beyond Citrix HDX including the latest Citrix H.264 support program. "We integrate all support function for multimedia redirection, Adobe Flash Redirection as well as redirection of the unified communication for Microsoft to leverage Citrix with our products," states Brush.

IGEL’s versatile Universal Desktop Converter (UDC) Software allows customers to convert conventional PCs, laptops and competitive thin client to a virtualized desktop. UDC conversion to IGEL logical devices will allow the clients a quick roll out of hardware once they reach an end-of-life cycle without having to invest on additional hardware. The product also includes IGEL Universal Management software so the devices can be managed from a central console.

We brand our solution ‘’universal’’ and the methods implemented by the company will support the issues of delivering desktop application virtually from a single vendor such as Citrix

One of IGEL’s reputed client from the healthcare sector needed to deploy a more cost effective and efficient system for a faster access to medical records for doctors and nurses on the move and a secure solution with smart card log-on. IGEL recommended replacing the hospital’s PC with IGEL’s thin client solution. The IGEL UD3 LX thin client with integrated smartcard has drastically cut down the log-on times of the hospital staff. The thin client was deployed with Citrix XenApp and Citrix Password Manager. Additionally, Citrix EdgeSight was used for monitoring performance. The medical staff is now able to utilize their smart card out of one of the thin client and carry off their work on a different machine with an easy-to-manage and secure network.

IGEL’s key differentiating factor is its worldwide knowledge of German engineering and its capability and quality standard in their products and solutions. “Our core-competencies lies in five core concept–manageability, adaptability, security, software currency and technical support,” says Brush. The company has time and again invested heavily in its people to explore their engineering capability and is moving towards a platform upgrade to offer higher processing power as well as to continue to look at renewing the cost of virtualizing desktop by influencing its universal desktop converter. “Apart from engineering innovation we are also looking at technology such as new hardware capabilities whether it is the design of the device, the shell, reducing weight of the device, reducing size of the device and coming up with new ways to hook the device to desktop environment whether it’s on your back of the monitor, walls or desk,’’ concludes Brush.

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Adam J. Brush, GM/VP of Sales & Alliances - North America

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