Plan B Technologies, Inc.: Citrix Solutions for Mobility, Virtualization, and Security

Donnie Downs, CEO
In today’s world, the growing BYOD phenomenon in the business environment adds credence to the significance of technology. However, many companies fail to reap the benefits of the trend, due to the absence of security and compliance policy systems around bringing devices to work. As a result, CIOs face the predicament of maintaining world-class SLAs with their internal teams, while controlling a growing landscape of devices. “This IT consumerization phenomenon empowers organizations to function flawlessly in a mobile setting. However, when people are connected to the network there is always a risk of encountering security issues,” says Donnie Downs, CEO, Plan B Technologies, Inc. The Maryland-based company, Plan B Technologies, Inc. (Plan B Tech), addresses these challenges by consulting with organizations to realize the real power of mobile computing without security constraints and implementing BYOD approaches to their business.

Founded by a team of brilliant tech experts and industry leaders, Plan B Tech has consistently maintained a record of serving organizations across the healthcare, legal, and banking sectors with storage, networking, data backup and recovery, and virtualization solutions. The company is a Citrix Platinum Partner and believes this association is a major driver for delivering the most befitting solutions for companies. “Doing business amidst volatile market conditions and an unfavorable economy is analogous to competitive sports. Regardless of economic conditions, our partnership with Citrix has given us the strength and stature to bea high-performing organization in the industry,” affirms Downs.

With an assortment of Citrix’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) design, data center consultation, and mobile device management implementation solutions, the firm enables customers to cut down unnecessary management, overhead, energy, and capital costs. Furthermore, Plan B Tech is deft in designing disaster recovery and business continuity solutions and offers a full-scale implementation and support. The solutions are provided only after thorough observation and analysis of client’s underlying infrastructure, overall business strategy and types of users.

Our partnership with Citrix has given us the strength and stature to be a high-performing organization in the industry.

The company has consistently rendered incremental success to its clients. In one instance, a premier pediatric care provider in Washington approached Plan B Tech to implement a reliable application that would enable nursing staff and medical practitioners to have data access from anywhere and anytime. Plan B Tech used Citrix’s complete VDI suite and tested it on 100 users. With the VDI implementation, the customer saw an enormous savings in the time spent by medical practitioners and care givers in logging onto the applications and devices to access data and thus a significant increase in productivity.

“Our company has spanned successfully from a small organization to a stellar engineering company in just 15 years. The longevity of Plan B Tech is indicative of its resilience and strong engineering capabilities,” extols Downs. “Our engineers have vast acumen in the realm of Citrix technologies and we also have experts who are well-informed about the trends in various industry verticals that we serve.” The company believes in making adequate investments in its human and intellectual capital to roll out products and solutions that help tackle real-world complexities around enterprise mobility, storage and networking design.

Going forward, Plan B Tech plans to carry ahead its philosophy of establishing sound fundamentals on policy management and compliance to enable companies to embrace the latest technological trends and harness the power of mobility. “We are a learning organization and we have to remain competent by expanding our Citrix portfolio of products and services to help foster valuable relationships with our customers and partners,” concludes Downs.

Plan B Technologies, Inc

Annapolis, MD

Donnie Downs, CEO

A trusted Citrix Partner and provider of storage area networking, backup, recovery and archiving, security and network infrastructure and cloud virtualization solutions for infrastructure, application, and devices.