Unitrends: Innovative Backup and Recovery to Proactively Protect IT Environments

CIO VendorMark Campbell, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer
The evolution of extensive heterogeneous servers, storage, and network infrastructures have led to higher operational and capital expenditures for enterprises. Poor risk management, low service quality, and security risks further restricts IT’s capability to efficiently support changing business needs or enable new opportunities. Headquartered in Burlington, MA, Unitrends liberates enterprises from this cluttered landscape by leveraging the power of Citrix technology. “Our solutions are built on the leading Citrix server platform for faster deployment, better performance and availability, and automation of operations resulting in overall productivity,” starts Mark Campbell, Chief Marketing and Technology Officer, Unitrends.

Unitrends offers data protection and on-premise or cloud recovery assurance for virtual, physical and cloud environments by leveraging resourceful solutions and products based on Citrix technology. “The results of unified solutions for computing, storage, networking, and security provided by Unitrends are operational simplicity and business agility,” says Campbell. Through deep research, Unitrends has established data protection solutions for enterprises and small businesses which undeniably reduce the downtime of servers.

Unitrends Virtual Backup (UVB) for Citrix is the flagship product offered by the company for instant and flexible recovery of essential data with convenient cloud backup options. The simple and easy-to-use Virtual Backup appliance can be deployed on Citrix XenServer for all-around virtual protection. Virtual Backup allows organizations to monitor the server environment and easily manage data protection. With attributes like easy installation, faster execution of backups, offsite protection, and continuous monitoring of virtual backup elements, the product assures fast and real-time virtual system restoration. Data protection built specifically for the XenServer hypervisor simplifies all facets of backup and recovery through automated protection of newly deployed virtual machines, load balancing across multiple backup storage targets, built-in VM replication for disaster recovery failover, and archiving of data for long-term retention. “We present ultimate security and protection essentials for Citrix technologies and platforms through Unitrends Virtual Backup,” claims Campbell.

We build innovative server and data center security solutions to proactively enhance automation and server performance, and mitigate operational costs

UVB helps enterprises with single-step data recovery, granular application-level recovery and detailed storage and compliance reporting. The security integration is designed for the sustenance of enterprises. It can detect and, in many cases, repair corrupt backup data. For scalability and speed, the backups are automatically parallelized across the servers to save valuable time. It assures that administrators can proactively control the amount of data that will be protected rather than having to select the entire virtual machine. In addition, the backups can also be compacted resulting in significant savings in terms of storage gap and time used to execute the restore and backup processes. “New workloads do not mean new servers when intricacies are handled using Unitrends’ solutions,” says Campbell.

Unitrends has solved the complexities of backup, security, and recovery for a multitude of enterprises implementing Citrix servers and platforms. For example, eResearch Technology, Inc. (ERT), a leading global solution provider for high-quality patient safety and efficacy endpoint data collection was facing problems with backup and recovery of significant data while using Citrix XenServer. Unitrends Virtual Backup helped the client witness a boost in server performance along with reliable execution of backups by removing duplicate data blocks.

“Our focus is on pure customer satisfaction, and we will continue to be the pioneers in virtualization,” adds Campbell. “In the long term, we want to take server security to the next level with cloud integration in platforms commonly used by organizations,” concludes Campbell.


Burlington, MA

Mark Campbell, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer

Revolutionizing the technique of augmenting Citrix technology standards with robust, user-friendly solutions and products.

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