Norskale: Upgrading Workspace Performance through Virtualization Solutions

Pierre Marmignon, CEO
As the technology market extends formidable solutions that progressively transform businesses, organizations are readily seeking to virtualize their networking environment for reduced hardware expenditure and an enhanced user experience. Today, the fast-paced corporate environment involves dynamic business routines, requiring massive network installations to keep all essential procedures integrated. “For IT vendors, designing, implementing, and deploying large networking infrastructure solutions on an enterprise scale involves massive equipment costs. In addition, network virtualization technology itself is fundamentally plagued with major obstacles,” begins Pierre Marmignon, CEO of Norskale. “Businesses need their users’ desktops and applications to consistently be readily accessible, responsive, and reliable, and their IT workspace to consume network and hardware resources economically.”

Norskale assists Citrix users in addressing the complexities and hindrances that are encountered while implementing and managing network infrastructure, through efficient software solutions that focus on improving an organization’s workspace performance. The technology also enables companies to avoid the ongoing hardware costs that are typically required to support OS and application upgrades, by eliminating the need to invest in compatible servers, PCs, and storage. Norskale works in conjunction with Citrix User Profile Manager (UPM), so customers can leverage a single, user-friendly console to manage and monitor all workspace settings. We are now focused on incorporating all advanced settings by default, so that administrators at every level can get the most out of Norskale and Citrix UPM,” says Marmignon.

As an official Citrix Premier Partner since its inception, Norskale ensures that its product offerings—currently Norskale and the patent-pending Norskale Transformer module—are successfully tested on all versions of Citrix XenDesktop and XenApp, including legacy versions. Norskale technology optimizes the way physical PCs, XenDesktop and XenApp, and VMware View consume RAM, CPU, and Input/Output (I/O), drastically reducing hardware requirements, while delivering desktops and applications that are significantly faster and more cost-effective.
“Our solutions monitor user behavior and analyze it in real time to dramatically optimize the process of resource allocation,” states Marmignon.

Norskale is a fully featured Workspace and User Environment Management solution designed for optimal desktop and application delivery speed, performance, and reliability. The Norskale platform eliminates system complexity in new and existing implementations by replacing logon scripts, group policy preferences, and desktop lockdown Group Policy Objects (GPO), keeping the system agile and delivering stunning results that include streamlining the job of the IT team, and ensuring faster desktop and application access for end-users.

The Transformer module is an add-on to the Norskale solution. From a central console, this module instantly converts any PC into a thin client system, with top performance, an intuitive kiosk mode, and full reversibility to a classic PC. “With Transformer, end-users have immediate access to a user-friendly, customizable kiosk interface, and the underlying Windows OS is hidden,” explains Marmignon. “The entire environment is tightly locked down and secure, allowing end-users to launch their virtual or hosted desktops and applications in a streamlined way, without complications.”

To illustrate, a healthcare client deployed new patient management software designed for approximately 80,000 users. By integrating the Norskale and Transformer service optimization solution, the client was able to reduce their number of required servers by 50 percent, cut their service costs in half, and achieve consistent six-second desktop login times. Given the immense task of supporting 80,000 users, Norskale’s service optimization solution was able to dramatically improve the user experience for every doctor, nurse, and medical expert on staff.

The key differentiating factors that set Norskale apart from the rest are its patented intelligent algorithms inherited from integrated machine learning technologies. At Citrix Synergy 2016, Marmignon unveiled the new, patent-pending Norskale Observer module, as well as the software company’s plans for geographical expansion. “In addition to our continued growth across Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, we will be adding resources in North America, where we already have distributors,” concludes Marmignon.


Surrey, UK

Pierre Marmignon, CEO and Patrick Lalanne, COO

Norskale provides 100 percent software solutions to dramatically improve workspace performance and drastically reduce the hardware costs involved in deploying Citrix virtualization technologies.